Monday, November 22, 2010

Advent Devotions 2010

I just completed our 2010 Advent Devotions and would be pleased as puddin' if they made their way into your Advent this year as well. You can certainly adjust the questions and paraphrase the scriptures to make them applicable for young children. I pray that it blesses your family this Advent season!

Go get it!

2011 Version is here!

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  1. yayy! you're so awesome to post this! I just used the verses from your '09 calendar to do our advent calendar. I have also forwarded the link to your old one to several friends asking for ideas! We're going to do a Jesse Tree this year- more hands-on/ visual for the little guy:)
    thanks kendra!

  2. My wife found your calendar and we really like it. We'd like to pass it along to the families from our church. Would you be alright with that? We are

  3. Jon,

    Sure! Feel free to use it and to pass it along to your church body. As long as there is no charge for it, we'd love for others to be blessed by it. Praying for a Christ-filled Advent for you and your church body.


  4. Anonymous2:19 PM

    This is awesome! I have been searching for what to do with my 3 children this year. Thank you so much! I also lead a Moms small group at my church and I cannot wait to pass this on. Thanks again.


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