Wednesday, October 27, 2010

He's 15 months...

Our precious babe is 15 months today. Seems unreal. As I type this he is running around the house, squealing with delight, point to Buzz Light Year, saying "dis! dis!" (this).

His primary words now are dis (this), dat (that), uh-oh, da-da, dee (drink) and ah-duh (all done). My favorite is uh-oh. He says it and the "oh" part of it sticks for a long time. It's the most intense "oh" I have ever seen.

In his mercy, God granted me a beautiful glimpse into Easton's life last week as we played on the trampoline together. Easton thinks it's hilarious when he walks on the trampoline. He stands up slowly, taking one timid step and gearing up to take the next and before he knows it, I am bouncing him and he falls to the mat in stitches of laughter that make my heart smile. He does it over and over and over again and I really can't get enough. Hearing him laugh is so refreshing to my soul. Something about that baby laugh, being outside in the cool air, looking up into the sky, did more for my soul in that moment than any reading or other discipline could have done. Just being with him, having fun, seeing his personality in action, God gave me a renewed passion and hope as I pray for him and live out the days with him, seeing what God will do with his life.

He delights in wearing hats. He walked in at Life Group one night during a in-depth and serious part of the discussion wearing this. How can you not crack a smile at that?

Could those eyes get any bigger (or bluer?)???

He loves playing with his BFF, Weston. I think I laugh more when watching these two play together than almost anything else. It's a joy to watch these babies learning how to play and interact with each other.

I look forward to every day with this little comedian, drama king and heartbreaker.

Happy 15 months, Easy E!
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  1. I sure do love that little guy and his comedy acts:) Happy 15 months, Easton!


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