Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gospel Ministry

Allen has written some really helpful blog posts about our Gospel Ministry as he is going through Galatians at New Life this fall. I strongly encourage you to take a look:

Practical Suggestions for Fulfilling our Gospel Ministry

Fulfilling our Gospel Ministry by Remembering the Poor

Never Graduate from the Gospel

I was thinking it might be fun to get together and make some of these bags that Allen referenced in the post about remembering the poor. We could call them "Good News Bags" and include a copy of the scriptures. After all, we want to nourish their souls as well as their bodies. Anyone interested?

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  1. i'd be game! let me know!
    i enjoy seeing you every other week at MOPS!
    o and if some NL ladies get together to make the You're Special Plates let me know. I wasn't able to go to that craft night and would love to join!


  2. totally! I always see people roaming around B/CS who look like they're in need and always want to give them something rather than money.

  3. love the new blog!

    I need to come learn how to do this!

    its adorable.


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