Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm first, I'm second, I'm last...OH MY!

The latest hoopla in our house has been the silliest thing.

Our older kids have made everything (and I mean everything!) into a competition.

It started with trying to finish their lunches first. "I finished before you! I win!" (with a mouthful and ready to choke) and has perpetuated into naptime ("lay me down first! Why do I have to be second?"), and has even made its way into our prayer time. "Why does he get to pray first? Aw man! I wanted to pray first."

We have countered the kids on it many times, bringing in scripture, relaying Jesus thoughts towards first and last:

"In humility, count others more significant than yourselves." Phil. 2:3

"the first will be last and the last first" Matt. 19:10

But alas, the arguing still continues.

As I shepherd my kids and address their sin, I have to ask myself, "In what way have I modeled this?"

Maybe in selfishly doing what's important to me instead of what the kids want to do
Maybe in selfishly denying what they desire to do because it causes hassle on my part (much put together time, much clean-up time, requiring my full attention)
Maybe in doing things that serve myself instead of selflessly seeking out ways to serve Allen

I know there are many more, that just scratches the surface. But it gives me much to think and pray about.

How about you?

How are you modeling a "me first" mentality in your life?

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