Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Easton's First Haircut

About the time he started getting mistaken for a beautiful girl...


When the curls were flowing a little too long, looking mullet-esque...


When we found out we are having family pictures on Friday...

Yep, all of those facts contributed to our decision to cut the "Easy Man's" hair.

You may remember the time we first cut Beckett's hair...that day wasn't sad for me. I thought he was super-cute with shaggy hair, and then after we cut it, I thought, "Wow! He is a doll with shorter hair. I can actually see his precious face."

Cutting Easton's hair took some working up to. I was going to have to chop off those beautiful curls in the back. Would they ever come back? He's the only one in the family who actually HAS curls. Sad day.

I chopped. And I cried when I saw the curls hit the floor. I scooped them up and saved them, but was still sad. Over the past few days of getting more used to Easton's short hair, I am better. He certainly looks more like a little boy, more grown-up, more handsome (especially when I spike it like Daddy's). I don't know if the curls will ever make another appearance, but I am hopeful.

See our precious toddler??? Not looking so much like a baby anymore. More like a little Allen. I love this beautiful boy.

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  1. Good job on the haircut! I like that you did it yourself. :)


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