Thursday, September 09, 2010


Time for some more Duty-isms! Easton got added to the list this time. He's starting to chime in!

Taylor Joy-isms:

(to Mommy) When it's red hot sunny, you look like Ming Ming. Yeah, your hair looks just like Ming Ming when it's red hot sunny outside. That's what I think. (Ming Ming is a character on WonderPets).

Time to read out of the script. (scriptures)

Mommies don't work, mommies make the dinners. (so what exactly am I doing while I'm cooking? I want credit where it's due!)

Do you want to be a space alien when you grow up? (Taylor says to Beckett and he says, "No I just a boy".)

Ow, Easton! You're pulling my beautiful hair!

I wetted my hair with water so my headband would stay stucked.

Aw! Double crackers! (in the place of saying, "Aw, man!" or "Aw, pink it!" which she used to say)

I am not going to have a big converstation about this.


Just go out, Mom (while I was doing the whole "tuck him in, sing to him, pray" routine)

No...I think I just a boy. (when asked if he is wants to be a fireman when he grows up)

Then I'm gonna be big and I'm gonna be on TV (on turning 3)

But mom! Easy man does not talk! What if he just says "mama" or "dada" and doesn't know what I saying! (very frustrated with the idea of saying sorry to Easton and asking him for forgiveness)

Daddy and SuperWhy are both paying soccer. They are both soccering.


MMM-wah! (blows so many kisses)

Clapping after I finished changing an old poopy diaper with diaper rash. He was glad to be done!

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