Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dad's Bible

A Dad's Bible...why in the world am I reviewing this you ask? Allen wanted to get his hands on it. I have flipped through it and Allen has spent some time studying through it and here is how it measures up.

The Dad's Bible (New Century Version) by Robert Wolgemuth is a newly released specialty Bible that is intended for Dads. It includes several features that are unique to Fathers, such as: articles on a Dad's authority, articles teaching about godly character, articles about the faith of the next generation, a look at other Dads throughout the Bible, articles about nurturing your children spiritually, articles answering the practicalities for raising children, question and answer section as well as a topical index and notes pages in the back.

The features seem to be well thought out and helpful for a new Dad or a Dad-to-be. I can imagine how helpful these articles would be for someone new to parenting and needing a Biblical perspective on all the ups and downs of raising a child.

The version of this Bible, New Century Version, is not preferred by many. This version is just okay. A commitment to the Word requires reading it every day, soaking it up and meditating on it, and with that kind of commitment, there should be great delight in the translation that you choose. After reading through several translations and researching the ones closest to the original language, we have settled on the English Standard Version, our favorite for everyday reading. However, the New Century Version does seem to be a very readable version for the new believer or for the new Dad who hasn't the mental capacity to think much after being awake with his newborn all night. I get that.

All in all, the recommendation for this particular Bible would be for new Dads and Dads-to-be who are also new believers and don't have much foundation in the Word to begin with. This would be altogether helpful for them to have some guidance and wisdom through the articles and especially as it directs him toward the truth of the scriptures.

(I am reviewing this for Thomas Nelson Books @ BookSneeze)

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