Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Easy E!

My baby is ONE! It seems cliche to say it's happened so fast, but it's absolutely true! One year has flown by. The past year has been one of so many changes in our lives, including having our 3rd child, Easton Brooks Duty. What a blessing and joy he has been.

I like to write in my childrens' journals that I keep for them - prayers, birthday letters, accomplishments and give God glory for all He is doing in their lives. I hope they will be a testament to God's working in and through them before they can ever remember. I have been so awful at keeping up with Easton's this year. I know I have many good excuses, but...well, I'm moving on. One less blank page. Here is your birthday letter, precious boy:


What a surprise and blessing that you were to us! We found out shortly after your brother's 1st birthday that we were pregnant with you. We were excited and overwhelmed at the same time. Having 3 babies in 3 years is hard work! I was glad to have 9 months to get used to the idea. Surprise again! I found out I was already 3 months along when I went to the doctor! You were born July 27, 2009 and you came out with red hair (very little) like your sister. You are getting good at surprising us at this point! 

From the moment you came out of my tummy, I fell in love with you. To this day the biggest, bluest eyes I've ever seen, and a precious, dimply smile that lights up the room. You are truly a happy baby. Most of the time, you are either extremely elated or extremely upset. I think a good way to describe it is passionate. In this way you remind me of your sister, Taylor Joy. Maybe there is something to this red hair thing! I pray that the Lord uses your passion and intensity to bring Him glory in whatever He leads you to do.

You love watching your brother and sister and they love catering to you. They will bring you toy after toy until you are pleased. They will do silly things to make you laugh (who am I kidding? We all do silly things to make you laugh!). We all love it when you laugh. And you laugh very easily. You are going to be a clown. You are funny and you know you are funny. I'm looking forward to seeing your personality develop as you grow. There is so much there and I can't wait to uncover those little nuggets of your personality that I see now, but will become much more evident when you are older.

I love your cuddles. I love your open-mouth kisses. I love your babyish ways. Like when you bury your head in my shoulder when you get shy. Like when you fall asleep on my shoulder. Like when I wrap you up after your bath and you stay swaddled in my arms for awhile. Like when you find your blankie and dive into it with excitement and just lay there, treating it like lost treasure. The Lord used you to minister to me in more ways than you could ever know this year.

Thank you for living up to your name, "Easy E." There's no such thing as an easy baby, but you were very easy for the most part. I prayed for that. I was nervous with the ages of the 3 of you, all being a year and a half apart. But, God knew what He was doing. He made you laid-back, easygoing, fun, cuddly, and easily entertained by the older two. Praise God for helping me out in that way. Praise Him that the three of you are the best of buds. I can't wait to see your friendship continue to grow and deepen. You three make my heart melt.

I love you and am smitten with you. You are precious. I'm looking forward to year 2 with you.



  1. Kendra, that is precious. I love watching you love on your kids. That makes my heart melt :)

    Happy belated, Easton! You're going to be one heart-breaker!

  2. I stalk your blog =) Your kiddos are absolutely adorable! We have so much in common too. Our bookclub has read most of your books listed on the left, great choices to share!

    Did I read somewhere that you are going to homeschool? I have a great network for you if you are.


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