Monday, July 12, 2010


Taylor Joyisms:

(books fell off the shelf) "Well that was intense!"

(her answer to "what does it mean to die?") "it means you just lay there forever."

"Daddy you forgot to cut off my toes!" (referring to her toenails that needed to be clipped)

"Wow! that boy on the radio station is really rockin' it!" (about I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me - not really a "rockin'" song...)

During bathtime as I was washing her hair she said, "This is kinda like baptism except with lots of soap."


"I am da way, da spook and da wife. No one comes to da fodder except for me." (reciting John 14:6, the exclusive, Beckett version)

(after pooping and seeing it in the potty) "It's like a double peppy pizza!" (Double peppy pizza is an episode on Boz. Boz fans, face really doesn't look very appetizing in the show. )

"Holy Poly" instead of Roly Poly

"W" stroller instead of double stroller

He refers to getting stung by a bee as when the "bug poked me."

(getting out of the bath) "I just keen (clean) and squeaky!"

(when asked about going to the pool) "It was nice and awesome!"


  1. Those are great! Thanks for sharing - I needed a laugh!

    We miss seeing you all - let's get together soon!

  2. This is so sweet! I'm really looking forward to joys of motherhood!

  3. "This is kinda like baptism except with lots of soap."

    Bahahaha...I love Taylor Joy!


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