Tuesday, May 18, 2010


A prayer for Allen while he was in Guatemala (after we had heard about his car accident):

I pray Daddy has a great great great time in Guatemala. I pray that he doesn't crash anymore crashes. And that the school bus will just MOOOOVE out of the road so that they don't have to bump into it anymore. In Jesus' name, Amen.

After helping me bake a cake and giving her a beater with batter on it to lick, she runs into the kitchen saying,

I'm all done with my licker!

When we had our butterfly habitat, Taylor Joy would go over to the butterflies and blow on them, saying:

They need fresh air!

When feeding Cheerios to Easton one day, she stopped feeding him saying,

We don't want to full up his tummy!

Allen asked Taylor Joy one day if she was Ariel (the Disney princess). This is what she said:

Yeah! Not the one who swims. The one who stands. With the shoes.

One day this is the conversation I heard between Taylor Joy and Beckett:

Taylor Joy - we love Daddy and Mommy and they love us.

Beckett - Yeah! And they keep us safe from bugs.

When I go into Beckett's room after his nap and smell poop, I say, "Buddy, did you poop? And he says:

No, I just tooted. Vewy vewy bad.
or he's been known to say,

I thirsty. Vewy vewy bad.

Since Beckett has transitioned to his big boy bed (a toddler bed from a crib), he has been staying up a little later at night, rambling to himself. Here are some quotes I have written down,

If I knock over the basketball hoop and hit sissy wif it, I get spankin' and that would make me sad.

Aww! that kitty's so cute! Aww! (about a picture of a kitten on his wall)

I want get out and play with mommy and dadd. No. He's a curch (church).

He also loves to talk about his new "bi-boy bed" and his old "cib".

They are such funny kids. I love them.

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  1. "Beckett - Yeah! And they keep us safe from bugs."

    My favorite, by far!


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