Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gigi, God's Little Princess DVD Review

I saw that Gigi, God's Little Princess DVD was available to review and immediately snatched it up for Taylor Joy. She has a Gigi book that she likes and she is the biggest lover of pink (besides myself) that I know. She loves to dance, loves being a ballerina and has said that she wants to be a ballerina when she grows up. I thought this would be right up her alley.

When we got the DVD in the mail, I made a big deal of it and showed it to her.

Not interested.

So we waited several weeks and introduced it again. Interested this time...such a girl, so temperamental. We turned it on and both Taylor Joy (4) and Beckett (2) were interested. They watched the whole thing and asked to watch it again. So, on the kid front, total hit.

From my perspective, it was a cute DVD with a great focus. While Gigi was trying to do several things such as, make an announcement to her best friend Frances, making sure everything was perfect and, in the second episode, learning to dance like a ballerina to make God proud, she came to the realization that God doesn't expect perfection from her and she cannot earn her way to God. She must not rest on her own strength, but trust in God's strength.

There was no explicit mention of Jesus, by whom we have access to the Father and by whom we find our strength, but I still thought it to be a good message that I could talk to Taylor Joy more about later, pointing out that we don't need to be perfect because Jesus Christ lived a perfect and sinless life and died in our place. I could expand on the message that was already there and let her know that when we place our trust in the finished work of Jesus, it is in His life and the grace that He offers us that we find strength.

So, the message was a good starting off point for talking to my children and I appreciated that. I would recommend this DVD for little girly girls around the age of 4 or 5. It was cute, funny and conveyed a God-centered message.

 (Disclaimer: I received this DVD free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as a result of reviewing it on my blog. They only require honesty, so this is my honest evaluation of the DVD. 4 stars out of 5.)

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