Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I have a few Dutyism's that I have written down in the past week that need to be blogged. Taylor Joy is always hilarious, but lately Beckett has been saying some things that are just insanely funny. It doesn't help that the way he says them is like a little German boy. Seriously, from the moment he started talking it was, "Dah!", "Yah!" and we knew that those German roots were coming through for him.

Here is the latest from Taylor Joy:

Taylor Joy: "Mommy, do bugs poop?"
Mommy: "They sure do."
Taylor Joy: "Yeah...I know. Everybody poops.
                     I poop.
                     Bugs poop.
                     Flowers poop....
                     (GASP!) Flowers don't poop! (hahaha...uproarious laughter)

Since we have been growing caterpillars and watching our butterfly habitat, she has been intensely interested in bugs. I never would have thought I would have bugs in our house, but I console myself with the fact that they will become beautiful butterflies! My all-time favorite. I love them.

This is a conversation I had with Beckett today (although it has happened before):

(imagine that he did or said something funny...I can't remember exactly what)

 Mommy: "Buddy, you're a silly boy!"
Beckett: "I a boy! Daddy a boy!"
Mommy: "Yeah, you're right. Is Mommy a boy?" ( I really wanted to hear him say girl, which he says like, "geee ull", it's adorable. But, no such luck. As if I believe in that sorta thing.)
Beckett: "No, you not boy. You Cin-way-wah!" (Cinderella)

Thanks, Buddy. After all, that is my favorite Disney Princess if I had to be one. ;)

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