Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Taylor Joyisms

(laughing) Easton's trying to lick my fingers! He thinks it's an envelope! (uproarious laughter)

Mommy, I want to get a picture of you making dinner. (SMILE! CLICK!) That's a cute picture. It's not really really cute, but it's kinda cute.

(Allen and I kiss...I know, let's keep it G-rated, folks) Why do you and Mommy love each other? Is that why you have wedding rings?

(during prayer) I just pray that Daddy will come home for lunch and that when he comes home he won't growl at Mommy. (for the record, this has never happened)

The newest thing has been pretending she is a salesperson. She will come and ask us what we need and we'll look at her store "shelf" and say, "Hmm... I need a gift for a baby boy." She'll pick out something fitting for a baby boy, give it to us along with money from her cash register and say, "Have a good day!" Awesome! I wish shopping was really like that! I get products, money and sweet service!

"Daddy, I didn't want to enter you up." (interrupt you)

"Beckett needs a tissue! He's running his nose!"

"Mommy, I just dreamed that my hair was turning to blonde! (really very distressed) I just don't want my hair to turn to blonde! I want it to stay red!" (what a horrific nightmare to have blonde hair!)


  1. Those are so cute. Josiah always gives us money when we shop at his "store", too.

  2. haha!! This just made me laugh. I love these!


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