Monday, March 15, 2010

Message Board Tiles

My friend Amanda (from my MOPS group) had a fun craft night a few weeks ago and we made these tile message boards for our hubbies. They are a fun way to "flirt" with your husband if you keep it in the bathroom and write messages back and forth. These are especially helpful when you and your husband wake up and go to bed at different times. The are simple to make.

Go to Home Depot or Lowe's and buy ceramic tile (that's smooth on the top) for $1 or $2. You could make a bigger one if you have more room to place it.

Paint with acrylic paints or paint pens and decorate as you wish. The little "D" is actually a rub-on that I used.

Buy a dry-erase marker and start messaging your hubby!

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  1. Kendra, I thought these were so fun I went to Home Depot and Hobby Lobby yesterday and made them with my mom and friend!
    Great idea :)


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