Monday, February 08, 2010

Tree of Thanks Placemats

After November's Tree of Thanks, where each family member wrote something they were thankful for each day during the month (we missed several), I decided I wanted to remember the things that we said.


Thanksgiving placemats!

Because of all the Advent festivities, these just got laminated (here in February) and ready to pull out next November. I photoshopped pictures of all of us with our name and a caption that says, "is thankful for..." and pasted all of the coordinating thankful leaves onto a piece of poster board. Then, off to get laminated, of course.

I think they turned out really cute and I think I might start making placemats for many different holidays throughout the year. You could definitely do something like this for Valentine's Day with the valentines that each family member received and maybe a quote, "Taylor Joy is loved..." and reasons why we love each family member written on scrapbook paper hearts.

More Valentine's fun to come...

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