Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Heart Headbands

My hip friend, Stephanie, came to church on Sunday night with a totally cute headband in her hair. It looked make-able. I asked her if she made it. Nope. It was the ribbon from an Anthropologie package! It was ribbon with circles of felt threaded onto it. So cute!

I thought it might be fun to make a headband with hearts since Valentine's Day is coming up. Here's what I came up with.

Grab a few old wool sweaters that you don't wear anymore (or that shrunk up in the wash). Wash and dry them on hot. (or go pick up quality felt from the store!)

Cut out a cardstock heart, like the little one I made. It can be smaller or bigger than mine, just depending on preference.

Use a fabric marker to trace the heart (on the wrong side of the sweater) and cut out a few hearts.

Now grab some ribbon and elastic. Measure your head using the ribbon and pull the ribbon around your head (like as tight as you would want a headband) and leave 2-3 inches for elastic. Either fold over or burn the edges of your ribbon and sew back and forth a few times to secure ONE edge.

Fold over hearts and carefully cut two slits in each heart...one towards the top and one towards the bottom. The ribbon should be able to slip through here without being bunched up.

Now, slide your cutie hearts onto your ribbon how you would like them and sew up the other side.

The final product!

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  1. You're so crafty! That's why we love you at MOPS.


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