Monday, January 18, 2010

Taylor Joyisms & Beckettisms

Taylor Joyisms used to be monthly feature here at the Duty Chronicles and since Easton was born, they are sadly down to a semi-annual basis. It's not that hilarious things aren't being said, but they are laughed at and forgotten most of the time.

Here are a few that we have kept up with in the past month, with a few from our newly verbose son, as well.

Taylor Joyisms:

"Daddy, you're the exercising boy that's the exercising boy!"

"I meant to do that on accident"

(pointing to her sippy cup) "N - U - B - Y. That spells cup."

"Since Beckett was coughing two times, I burped his back."

"Daddy, you're a sneaky potato!"

"I'm a really good killer. I can kill them really really hard." (about the flies in our house)

"oh, pink it!" (she says it in the same context of "aww, man!")

"it's like a rock star" (if something is really cool)

(with her new doctor kit) "I can hear your heartbeep!"

"Mommy, do we need to disgust?" (discuss)

"Take it to the MAX!" (when she wants to do something with greatness)

"Daddy, I want to be an adult." Allen said, "No Geet (her nickname), I don't want you to be an adult. I want you to be my little girl." And she said, "But I just want to be an adult." Allen said, "You'll be an adult one day. But for now I want you to enjoy being little. I love that you're my little girl." And then she said, "Yeeeeah, I'll be an adult when I'm four."


"mommy...i unt a piece of chocolate milk!"

(after pulling down a table in the kitchen and glass all over the floor) "I sorry. I not do it 'gain."

"I aggle goose" (mommy translation: I want apple juice)

"What doin' dayeee? (daddy translation: what are you doing, Daddy?)

(after seeing a boy hitting in preschool and him being told to "be nice", Beckett walks around patting everyone saying this) "I nice. I nice. I nice"

Beckett also loves to pray and will go on and on until you stop him. I would love to listen to him pray forever, it's so sweet, but often (for time's sake) we have to prompt him to say, "In Jesus' name, Amen." I hope to get it on video very soon.

Hope you enjoyed this installment of Dutyisms. I'll try to keep up with all the Duty funnies until the next time.

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  1. I think it's wonderful that you are writing down all of your childrens "say-isms". I often wish I had done the same with my own.

    Thank you for visiting my blog because it gave me the opportunity see yours and enjoy your post!


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