Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Rescue Kids!

Now, for some of the crafts that I have been undertaking throughout November and December that I couldn't tell you about until after Christmas (I love surprises!).

The capes and masks that I made for the kids were huge hit since they (Taylor Joy especially) are in a wonderful phase that includes imagining almost everything they do. I hope this phase lasts! They love to imagine that Taylor's bed is a car that drives us to Chuck E. Cheese or Chic-fil-A and then we get out and order our meal or play pretend games together. They love to imagine they are Word Girl and Captain Huggieface and race around the house "rescuing" each other from the Bad Guys (they usually say that Allen is the Butcher...a bad guy on the show). Beckett is always needing to be rescued from someone who is tickling him. It's just too much fun not to.

All that to say, it's been precious to see them use something so simple to enhance their precious little imaginations. Here are the tutorials I used for the capes and masks:

Superhero Cape and Mask Tutorial

Instead of using an old dress like she suggested, I just used fabric I had or got for really cheap, about a yard for each. I made Beckett's shorter than Taylor Joy's, of course.

I also appliqued their initials on the back of their capes and added a girly bow to Taylor Joy's.

Hope this can be useful for you and your kids, too!

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  1. super cute! we too love Word girl. Fionna was her for Halloween and her monkey was captain huggie Face.


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