Monday, September 14, 2009

State of the Duty Union

Hey friends!

Sorry it's been so long since I posted pictures! I know that is unacceptable when you have a newborn and they are growing and changing so much.

Easton is putting on some weight (especially in his cheeks!) and is quite tall. I still think he looks more like Taylor Joy did when she was a baby with the exception of his smile. That is totally Beckett. I must admit, I am so thankful to Allen for his genes since he gave all our our children adorable dimples. I always wished I had them and now I can be thankful that our children have them. Oh, the little things!

As for the other kids, they are really enjoying having weekends filled with family and friends. Allen's family came 2 weekends ago and my mom and sis came this weekend. Taylor Joy has started her weekly Bible class with Asher and is doing some preschool work on the off days.
MOPS just started up, which we go to every other Tuesday, and I am still coordinating crafts for the group. So, if you have any cute crafts that a group of women could easily do together, please let me know! I am always looking for good ideas.

New Life is really growing and we love it. Allen just started a series on Matthew (The Sermon on the Mount) called Righteousness Redefined. Last night was an overview of chapters 1-4 and Jason Kinnard, another elder, will be preaching next week.

We are also excited because we are on the verge of becoming an Acts 29 church. You can read more about what that means (if you are interested) here. Allen and I will be assessed on Thursday of this week and should know very soon if New Life will be approved. Some of our favorite pastors are of the Acts 29 variety: Mark Driscoll, Matt Chandler, and Jonathan Dodson plus they are closely tied to our other favorite pastors, John Piper and C.J. Mahaney. This would be a wonderful alliance for Allen to have with others who have been very successful at church planting.

Our second membership class starts at the end of this month so we will more than double the members we have now. For those who are visiting New Life and aren't intending on joining or those who don't really know the purpose of the church or church membership, please listen to this: Mark Driscoll's, "What is the Church?"

Now, for the pictures! Enjoy!

Nanny (Kendra's mom) with the kids

Nanny and Easton

Aunt B (Kendra's sis) with Taylor Joy

Dad's MVP

Soon-to-be Uncle Ryan playing blocks with Taylor Joy

Aunt Cathy with Easton


  1. Kendra,

    You may not remember me, but I'm the guy with dreads who used to go to Living Hope! I was just perusing your blog and saw that New Life is considering becoming an Acts 29 church! That's awesome...a good buddy of mine here in Albuquerque is pursuing the masters degree program that Driscoll and Acts 29 has put together and will most likely be planting an Acts 29 church somewhere near here within the year. Emily and I are excited as God has called us to support this new effort! Sorry, I just got excited when I saw the Acts 29 reference! Can't wait to read about how it turned out!


  2. Anonymous4:12 PM

    lovely kids:)

  3. Great pictures!!! It looks like there's lots of fun going on! I hope the Acts 29 church goes through. That would be wonderful! I often listen to Mark Driscoll as I'm making meals and cleaning house and also I went to an Act 29 church planting conference in Dallas at the church where Matt Chandler serves. It was very good!

  4. Looking forward to hearing how the Acts 29 church starting goes!

    BTW- it was great seeing you and your beautiful children at the workout last Thursday! I enjoy watching you model being a great mother, wife, and mentor when I get the chance!



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