Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Now that the students are back, New Life is exploding and it is a wonderful thing. I love having students around at church and at our house (at the grocery stores and on the roads...not so much).

They love on our kids and reinforce to our children that what we are teaching and instructing them isn't isolated to our family alone. Other people live this way and see the value in living this way, according to God's word. I love that!

I love it that our home is a wonderful place to be, a place where the word is opened and taught, truth is discussed, and we pray, sing, fellowship and break bread all to bring God glory for the things He has done. I love it that my children see others doing these things in our home with us. My desire is that our home will always be a place of ministry, where discipleship and evangelism are on the forefront of our minds in regards to our children, the church body and our community.

All that to say, New Life has been going through a series that outlines the vision of our church and since many college students were gone for the summer and the past two weeks, it would be worthwhile to listen to the past two messages that Allen has preached.

Here they are for your convenience:

Know the Vision

Making the Vision Known

If you haven't made it out to New Life yet, we would love for you to join us at 5 p.m. on Sunday nights.

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  1. Thanks for posting the messages. I'm excited for you guys and am praying for the church this morning. Reading your post brought back nostalgic memories of my college days and Hope Group experiences. Great times!


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