Monday, June 15, 2009

Preggo Update

It seems crazy to me that (potentially) the 5th member of our family will be arriving in 6 weeks! Is it possible that I have already been pregnant for 7 1/2 months? Moms of multiple kids told me it would be hard to keep up with how "far along" I was and I completely concur. When someone asks me that question, I turn to the closest woman to me, (who is due in July, of course) ask her how far along she is and then figure out mine based on hers.

So far so good with regards to the pregnancy. I am becoming less and less active the bigger I get, but I am still feeling good and somewhat lively. Although, the chasing the kids around the house and piggybacking them has really slowed down. Taylor Joy understands, Beckett...not so much.

This weekend a lovely baby shower was thrown for me and it was such a sweet blessing. Being surrounded with many friends and family was a blessing, receiving thoughtful gifts that will bless our little one and being prayed over specifically for me, the baby and our family was something I will treasure always.

Having friends and family who love me pray over specific requests in regard to the rest of my pregnancy, the delivery, the recovery, the baby, my family's adapting to the new baby, this baby's life and spiritual development is one thing that really blesses my socks off. After praying with these women, I always feel a deep sense of gratitude for the care and concern they have for my family, a thankfulness for the Lord's hand in everything and excitement/readiness for this baby's arrival!

I completely recommend taking part in this at the next shower that you host. It will bless your guest of honor beyond words. In case you don't even know where to start, I'm going to put the prayer points we prayed for my baby to get you started.

- to make nursing uncomplicated and enjoyable
- to give Mom extra energy and a swift recovery
- for baby's disposition to be easy and good-natured
- for siblings to adjust quickly to baby
- for Mom to have special time with older siblings now and once baby arrives
- for grace to siblings so that they still feel connected to Mom and don't become jealous and disobedient
- to give Dad wisdom in how he serves Mom and that the Lord will direct him in how to minister to her
- for Mom to continue to seek the Lord when things are running smoothly and not so smoothly
- wisdom and grace for Mom and Dad as they shepherd their children
- the body of Christ to come alongside Mom and Dad and take active role in pointing them to Christ
- that baby will trust Christ as Savior at a young age and will treasure his/her inheritance as a Son/Daughter of God
- that baby would grow in faith and obedience and in love for God, not love the world or the things of the world and that baby would love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind and strength and fear the Lord
- that baby would hate sin and love godliness, appreciate discipline and instruction, be quick to repent and not be stubborn before the Lord
- for baby's protection against Satan and evil, a firm stance during persecution, patience in affliction that looks to God and trusts in His faithfulness
- that baby would grow to treasure God's Word and stand up for truth and be free from deception and the lies of the evil one as well as having a great understanding of the Word
- that baby would grow to be responsible and loving in their relationships with others, walk in humility and look to the needs of others
- that baby would choose godly influences, be led to good friends and way from bad ones, and to marry a godly mate
- that baby would grow to desire inner beauty and godly character as they grow more Christ-like daily, that they and their future mates would be kept pure both before and after marriage
- that baby would grow to be fully devoted to Jesus Christ and joyfully invested in the cause of the kingdom

This obviously isn't an exhaustive list, but may help some of you with a starting point.

And, if you'd like to continue to pray these things for me and my family, I certainly wouldn't mind...


  1. Kendra!

    You look so beautiful! You are just "blossoming".... :)

    quick you have an extra copy of feminine appeal? I want to read along with all the women reading with heather, and she directed me to you, thinking you might have an extra copy....

  2. Whitney,

    Thanks! and yes, I do have a copy you can borrow.

    Let me know when you want to come get it or I can just bring it to church and put it in Allen's office for you to grab...


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