Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Little Phrase-Maker

Lately Beckett has surprised us by stringing words together. At my parent's house the phrases just started spewing out...

Until now, he's said few words in general, so to hear them strung together was just about the cutest thing ever.

Here are some examples:

Git da bah! (get the ball)
Git da phone! (get the phone)
Bounce da bah! (bounce the ball)
Want da bah, mama! (Want the ball, mama)
It's da bubba! (it's the bubbles)
I did it!

At 17 months (today actually, Happy 17 Months, Buddy!), he has no idea that he is about to be a big brother. He's completely oblivious and I am quite sure it's going to rock his world. He loves his mama but he and Sissy (Taylor Joy) have been playing together wonderfully and I am encouraged by that.

It's so funny that I have gotten all kinds of different stories...some women say the transition from 2 to 3 is the hardest and others say the transition from 1 to 2 was harder. Since the transition from 1 to 2 children took me about 8 months, I'm praying this will be a bit easier and quicker for me. Since Taylor Joy and Beckett can keep each other entertained, it may be a bit easier in that aspect, but I can see going ANYWHERE out of the house to be a complete campaign to get out the door. In that aspect, it MUST be harder.

We have 11 more weeks and I am looking forward to each and every one of them. I know first time moms think I'm crazy...I need all the time I can get to prep around this house, cook and freeze meals, spend lots of quality time with my kids and just be ready emotionally for another newborn.

Until then, if have any tips for this soon to be momma of three, pass them along my way!

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