Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fabric Bulletin Board

For awhile now I had been wanting to make one of these, but just couldn't justify spending $30 on a frame to put it in. And THEN, on one glorious day, I found this wooden frame (unpainted) at Hobby Lobby for $2 on clearance. I was ecstatic!

It makes a wonderful practical addition in our hallway and I just LOVE practical when it matches my decor.

Here are the steps if you want to craft one of these of your own:

1. Purchase a frame in the size that you want. Paint the frame if you'd like. You could make a mini bulletin board for your kids' rooms or for wherever really. It would be a cute gift too.

2. Purchase a plain corkboard (no frame) from Hobby Lobby and use your 40 % off coupons, ladies. Never forget about those. Mine ended up around $8.

3. Use one piece of beautiful fabric to cover the board or sew up a little patchwork piece like I did if you would like to incorporate more than one fabric. These were fabrics I had on hand.

4. Get a nice big brush and brush Modge Podge or some other kind of liquid glue onto the corkboard and slowly (as in small segments of a time) press the fabric to the corkboard and ensure that there are no wrinkles. You'll do this to make sure the fabric doesn't get bubbly and lays flat. If you fail to do this step your fabric may look a little sloppy if you don't staple it tight enough in the next step.

5. Have hubby staple gun the cork board with the fabric covering it taut to the frame all the way around.

All in all, mine cost around $10 total because I already had some materials on hand.

Voila! A beautiful, practical, cheap way to display artwork, pictures, chore charts, daily agenda or whatever your heart desires!

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  1. Thats so fancy Kendra! You are so creative. I always love your ideas! Where do you get a 40% coupon for hobby lobby? I can't wait to make my own!


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