Sunday, May 17, 2009

Birthday Girl

Today is my darling Taylor Joy's 3rd birthday.

Have I mentioned lately how precious she is?

I mean, everyone who knows her already knows this, but for those of you who don't know her, she's adorable in every way.

The things that she says leave us in stitches of laughter.

The way that she says everything in that raspy voice is beyond cute.

The enthusiasm with which everything is said makes life so exciting...even the smallest tasks or toys are brought to life by her excitement.

That big smile and precious dimples light up the room wherever she goes.

That sweet red hair and blue eyes have people talking everywhere we go.

The way that she helps me around the house and with Beckett really blesses my socks off. I couldn't do it without her. Her spiritual gift is definitely to be a helper.

And for 3 short years this little blessing has been a part of our lives. I can barely remember life before her.

Here are some shots of the birthday girl (a post later to come on the actual birthday party!):

The day we brought Taylor Joy home from the hospital

1st Birthday

2nd Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday, Princess!
We love you!

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  1. Happy Birthday Taylor Joy! I wish I could be at your party to celebrate how special you are!! Love you! Ashee


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