Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Oh, Beckett...

Oh, do I have a story to tell. For those who are mothers of boys this kind of stuff probably happens everyday, and although I have had many incidents, this was probably the most frightening. It opened my eyes to the kinds of things that may be happening in my life for the next 17 years or so.

As I was driving to H-E-B to do some grocery shopping, ironically, I was talking to my friend Janette (who lives in NC) and giving her all the necessary updates on my life, including our dear Beckett and what he has been up to. I told her that he has changed from this sweet, cuddly, content baby into a WILD man lately. He is as curious as ever, loud, angry if he doesn't get what he wants, he babbles constantly, he never sits still...and I thought he would be my easy child! He is still VERY sweet and may even cuddle you, but you would have to catch him sitting still, which is rare.

Anyway, we get off the phone and I go in to do my shopping, with both kids in tow. I am pretty much done with no major breakdowns and I head for the checkout. I begin to unload my items, pleased with the how pleasant this trip has one needed to potty right in the middle of shopping, no one threw a fit when there weren't any tortillas for sampling and the chips didn't even get crushed by one of my kids. Success! Right? Wrong!

I turn around to grab some more items and I see Beckett with the Jet-Dry tipped back as he is busy "sampling" it. I pretty much freaked out. I don't know if I made any loud noises but if I did it was one of absolute horror. I grabbed the bottle from him, after which he began licking his lips to get the last of it, I suppose. I quickly turned it over and it said to drink water if ingested.

Coaching myself to begin thinking clearly, I walked straight over to the aisle where there were some sippy cups and grabbed one and then back to the register where there were cold drinks and grabbed a bottle of water. I poured the water into the sippy cup and intently watched as my little boy drank it. He seemed okay. I breathed. The lady behind the counter breathed.

My sister called at the very moment all this was happening and I told her (probably very frantically) to look up Cascade Clean Rinse and see what I need to do. She called back right after that and said I did the right thing. If he was nauseated to take him to the doctor.

Hours later I was still watching him and he was fine. He was laughing, playing, fussing, getting into everything just like normal.

So...the moral of this story is: Boys are dangerous. Beckett is one of these. I CANNOT take my eyes off this baby because he is into EVERYTHING. And that Cascade needs to get protective seals for their products. So not cool.


  1. I have way to many stories from Ethan. He licked a plug in which was cinnamon and stuck it in his mouth...called poison control and they said he would be ok. I tried it to see and it was wonder he was like eating nasty cinnamon oil. He has also gotten into my thyroid meds, drank my contact solution which he still calls juice....we have called poison control many times...they are on speed dial!

  2. Kaylee is like this too even though she is not a boy. I know it is terribly scary. I'm so glad Beckett was fine - I guess it's a good thing women don't usually lose hair like men do or all of us moms would be totally bald!

  3. oh, beckett... so scary!!

    i'm real glad he's okay! not having children or stories to compare this to, the whole time i was reading it i was seriously waiting for you to talk about a hospital visit involving some kind of stomach-pumping machine! for real.

    good heads up for the next time i babysit! :)

    although last time i remember having each of your babies on either side of me, cuddling and watching (the really boring episode of) baby einstein :) they were PERFECT!

    see you saturday!!!!

  4. i like the new life website!!

  5. For the record, not all boys get into stuff. I was an angel. ;)

    And of our two, Meira is definitely more of the adventurous experimenter. Ethan is our responsible first-born who can certainly throw some good tantrums, but does not get into stuff that he's not supposed to. Not so with Meira.

    I think it must be that us first-borns are just a bit more perfect than those who follow us. Ha.

  6. Welcome to the poison control club! Did he burp any bubbles?


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