Friday, February 27, 2009

Fire Station Field Trip

This was our second field trip to the Fire Station and may I say, MUCH more successful than the last one?

While last time Taylor Joy actually DESPISED being there, this time she did NOT want to leave! Crazy how a little time changes things!

We went with my MOPS group last week and the kids had so much fun!

Check out the pictures:

Taylor Joy and Beckett on the ambulance (she LOVES her little brother...perhaps a bit much at times! But I'm so thankful it's this and not the other way around!)

On the back of the fire truck...

Crazy Taylor Joy!

Taylor Joy and a friendly fireman...

Precious Beckett with his hat and badge...cutest fireman ever!

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  1. ok, so not on the subject, sorry, but i must say i have used you snickerdoodle recipe and i love it. I used it for Easton's valentines day party and i am using it tonight to deliver to the teachers for Taks Testing tomorrow. Just thought i'd say thanks.

    Oh, and your kiddos keep getting cuter and cuter!!

    Kaylene Carpio


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