Monday, January 19, 2009

Padre in January!

Our good friends Erin and Scott got married last weekend in South Padre...I think they were excited to get away and have a destination wedding and we were ALL about it! My sis came in town to care for our sweet Beckett (since he wasn't a part of the wedding festivities) and we headed off for our 8 hour trip.

I must say, not having a baby in the car was quite pleasant. Although I did do my share of reaching back to get things for Taylor or help her with something, that's nothing compared to the arm cramps that come with reaching back for lengthy periods of time to actually HOLD a pacifier in a baby's mouth. Ouch! That hurts just thinking about it.

We were blessed to have wonderful trips, to stay in a beautiful hotel and get to be involved in one of our favorite couples' wedding festivities.

Here are some pictures of the fabuloso weekend!

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  1. This was great Kendra! I'm so happy for them!


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