Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Crafting with Appliques

Thanks to my friend Candice Sutterfield, these have been so much fun lately! I've made onesies, linen towels and the birthday banner that I posted from Beckett's party, all using appliques. Since several people have asked me how to make these, I will attempt to impart my limited knowledge here and divert you to others who are experts.

1. First, pick out some cute fabric at the store. Buy some Wonder-Under as well.

2. Read the directions on Wonder-Under and follow them by ironing the fabric to it.

3. Draw the shape/letter that you want to cut out on the Wonder-Under (with fabric on the other side) and cut it out.

4. Wonder-Under side down, iron it to the desired surface (burp rag, onesie, dish towel).

5. Then, follow these instructions to do a blanket stitch around the cutout with embroidery thread. OR you can use your sewing machine on a really tight zig-zag stitch around it. I seem to prefer the look of the embroidery thread. It just screams Anthropolgie to me and I happen to LOVE that store.

I taught this at my MOPS group and it was a great craft for sitting around and chatting while doing something productive. I hope all this makes sense and I want to see pictures if you make something cute with these instructions!


  1. Kendra these are super cute!!! I might need to try it out. How do you find such cute ideas?


  2. ok! I now know why you are in my life! Our minds think alike and are blessed with a great ability. We need to get together and brainstorm. That onesie is so cute! I am glad we have tons of babies coming at church!! And where do you find all your ideas?

    Love ya,

  3. Kendra-

    So I signed up to sew with Heather. Can I be in your class?

    Whitney Swanson

  4. Love the blog and the onesie is very cute. I have a friend that makes onesies with ties on them for little boys. It was one of my favorite church outfits when Jackson was a newborn.

  5. Whitney-

    Yes, you can definitely be in my class. Just have to check and make sure Allen will be home or I'll have some sort of childcare! It should be fine though!

  6. Ana,

    I get half my ideas from you! The other half I get from Such cute stuff there!

  7. Wow Kendra, i hadn't looked at your blog in so long and look at all the cute stuff you're making!! I am obsessed with appliques! I'm drawn to shirts and jackets all the time just because they have applique. Thanks for inspiring me to try this! Very talented lady!
    BTW can't believe Beckett is so big! Nico is 1 next month!!


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