Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All Aboard!

We did a very small party for our little one year old with trains as the theme. Here are pictures below:

I made this cute little happy birthday banner (Pottery Barn inspired) to use for this birthday and future ones too!

I sure had fun making the little train cakes! I felt like a little kid popping on all those Sprees and Hot Tamales!

Beckett with his cake: "What...you want me to eat this thing WHOLE?"

"Alright, I'll give it a try..."


"Can I wear this thing as a hat?"

All aboard the alphabet train!

"Mommy, I know I'm one now, but can I still have my nap?"

A video I made for Beckett's First Year of life...be forewarned...it's 11 minutes long. But every minute is sweet. I get emotional watching it, but then, I'm the mommy!


  1. So cute! It seems like yesterday I was getting your Christmas card thinking...how do they have these already...he was just BORN! WOW!!

    He is even cuter today! What a precious boy. Amazing family.

    We love you Beckett. Happy Birthday.

  2. The birthday banner and the cake are so great!!! 1st birthdays are a big deal! What a blessing he is!


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