Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Renaissance Festival

Taylor and I had a mother-daughter day a few weeks ago at the Renaissance Festival during its' annual School Days in Plantersville, TX. I had hyped it up to Taylor Joy for awhile because I was so excited to go and spend the day with her without worrying about that precious little needy boy who often takes most of my time and attention (aka Beckett). Taylor was very excited to spend the whole day with Mommy. We made some special memories that day. Here are some pics:

All the kiddos

On the giant swing! I was afraid Taylor might get scared when they cranked it back, but she never did! As a matter of fact, she kept asking to go on the big swing again!

Taylor Joy and Ariana

Annika on the bungee!

Easton on the bungee! He wasn't scared a bit!

Sweet friends

Birds of Prey demonstration:

Marylou loving on Taylor Joy

Watching the joust

Another big swing...Taylor wanted to ride on the same side as me.

This is Taylor's newest smile...we say "smile for the camera" and this is what we get. Precious.

I could go on for days about what a blessing this child is to me. She's always been a blessing, but truly I think we've reached another milestone in the process of training her and bringing her up where she is actually "getting" it and she is such a pleasure to be around. She helps in any way that she can and loves to do it. She says things like "Okay, Mommy knows what's best for me" when I tell her that she can or can't do something she has asked to do. She brings smiles to my face all day long.

I know there will be other bumps along the way, but I am just enjoying this time with her so much. Praise the Lord for the all the discipline and training paying off! To Him alone be the glory!


  1. Wow, what a blessing she is! Hearing about Taylor Joy inspires and motivates me to be super intentional in training Riley. Do you have any suggestions on books I should read? I've read Shepherding a Child's Heart... anything else I should read? Thanks!

  2. Kelly,

    Shepherding a Child's Heart and Instructing a Child's Heart have been indispensable to me, but may not be helpful to you until Riley gets a little older. Also, just talking it out with Allen about how we are going to approach discipline and training and keeping each other accountable to that. So, if he hears me raise my voice, he lets me know and vice versa. If he fails to address the heart issue and only the behavior I let him know and so on.

    Instructing the kids in everyday things, as we rise up as we lay down as we walk along the way are what lay the foundation for their understanding, not the discipline aspect. So I try to take advantage of the moments in between the discipline (which have been few and far between lately, praise God!) to train them. Having a unified goal with Allen together has been the single most helpful thing for us.

    Oh and lots of prayer. :)

  3. Thanks for the advice! I value any wisdom I can get. I'll definitely tell Josh what you said about keeping each other accountable... great idea!


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