Monday, October 20, 2008

Waco Trip

We took a trip to Waco on Monday with a dual purpose in mind:

  1. Go to the zoo
  2. Meet Cambell Cook for the first time!

So, combined that equals = meeting Cambell at the zoo! How fun!

A group of people from our church were going to the zoo and we decided to join them.

It really was a very easy day trip and the kids were (mostly) good during the car ride. Beckett fell asleep once I retrieved his paci and Taylor Joy watched a movie in the car. Not bad.

Not bad since I got to meet such a sweet little baby. Here she is with her mama and one of my best friends, Storey.

Taylor Joy loved playing in the water on their playground. Who knew that this would be her favorite part of the ZOO! (?)

Her and Asher were holding sweet!
All in all, such a FUN day!


  1. Looks like Taylor had fun!

  2. a little late... but I will try again :) It was so wonderful to meet Beckett and spend time with my Kenners! I miss you already!


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