Monday, November 03, 2008

Taylor Joyisms

It's that time again. Taylor Joy has been saying some hilarious things around our house. She pretty much makes me laugh every time she opens her mouth. The way she talks is about as funny as what she says. She has the cutest little raspy voice.

  • One day when we were sitting at the dinner table I asked Allen something using his name and Taylor said, "Daddy, you're Allen?" and we both kind of looked at each other and smirked. Allen replied with, "No, Taylor Joy. I'm Daddy." So then I asked Allen if he thought she knew my name. Without another word from us she said, "Mommy, you're KENDRA!" and just started cracking up!

  • She got a dress-up cheerleading outfit for her birthday and one day I was teaching her some cheers. The main one being, "Daddy Daddy he's our man, if he can't do it, nobody can!" Well, when she went to show Daddy our cheer it went something like this:

"Daddy Daddy he's our man, if he can't do it, EVERYBODY can!"

Way to make a Daddy feel special.

  • Her Nanny had given her some dollar bills for her Dora purse and wallet and one day she was in the backseat pulling them out of her purse. I asked her out of curiosity of what she would say, "Taylor, can mommy have your money?"
She said, "You can have my money, Mommy. You can have it when we get to the store."
I replied, "What do you want me to buy with your money?"

She said, " Hmmm...I wanna buy....(long pause)...MILK! I'll buy milk for yooooouuu, Mommy!" (very excitedly)
Such a sweetheart.

She's such a matter what I'm doing, she wants to help. Here are some examples:
  • "You need help with your coffee? Be weel cehful, Mommy!"
  • She saw me putting a new shirt on Beckett one day and she went to get scissors to cut the tag off.
  • She LOVES to help cook and will go get her stepstool so she can stand up there with me and help me cook.
  • She even asked me if I needed help going to the potty one day!

She is very appreciative (most of the time):

  • Aunt B came in town and took Taylor to Chic-Fil-A (Chickel-A) one day when Beckett was sick. On the way back she told B, "Thanks for taking me to Chickel-A. That was such a blessing to me, B. Thank you!"
  • I went to get some meat out the deep freeze the other day and as I walked in I heard, " Mommy, you got meat for us? Oh! That was nice!"

I felt like the Proverbs 31 woman rising to get the food and the kids calling her blessed. She brings such a big grin to my face.

  • A prayer that I enjoyed sounded like this: "Lord Jesus, help us not to fall down and give us band-aids and he's prayin' for us."

  • One day I put on a Baby Einstein for the kids to watch and headed to the kitchen to start dinner, thinking that I could get some time cooking without kids crawling up and down my legs and asking when it would be ready a million times. Wrong! Taylor Joy starts roaming around the house looking for me and within a matter of minutes of not finding me cries out saying, "My Mommy went to Sachse!" I immediately reassured her that I hadn't gone to Sachse, (my hometown) I was just in the kitchen.

  • We have been doing a children's catechism with Taylor and it starts off really simple asking questions like, "Who made you?", "Why did God make you?", etc. Well, one day we were going through her questions and got to the question, "How can you glorify God?" and Taylor answered, "when I jump up and then I fall down."

  • A couple of weeks ago I was in McAlister's ordering to-go and we were in the main area waiting on our food. Well Taylor Joy decides that is the time to start belting out the songs that we have taught her. More specifically that is the time to sing the line, "death is coming, Hell is moving" from the hymn "Brethren We Have Met to Worship over and over again." I laugh just thinking about it. Our little girl preaching repentance at McAlister's!

I hope you made it that far. She had some good ones this month and I guarantee you that's not even the half of it!


  1. Kendra, Will and I were reading these outloud and dying laughing. Haha!

  2. Aunt B6:53 PM

    That gave me a really good laugh!! I can just picture her sweet little voice saying all of those things. My favorite is that she said she can glorify God by jumping up and falling down.. she is hilarious!

  3. Taylor Joy is so cute! Ariana loves to play with her. We need to plan a play date soon.


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