Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Our pumpkin patch experience was last week...what fun we had! Here are my little "pumpkins" in the picture above.

They painted pumpkins, went "fishing" for snacks and played a bean bag toss in a giant pumpkin. The ladies in charge of the "fishing" eventually had to cut Taylor off when she figured out she could get a snack every time she played.

Beckett had a great time just pretending the pumpkins were balls and rolling them around/throwing them.

Taylor Joy painted her very own pumpkin. She was mixing colors like crazy and it ended up almost completely brown by the time we got it home. I know she's only two and a half, but it was almost hard for me to watch (being the craft perfectionist that I am). I just wanted to step in and do it for her! Maybe next year we can work on keeping the colors separated. ;)

Taylor Joy and her friend Ethan painting pumpkins. She couldn't be more pleased with her work. What a cutie pie.


  1. Kendra I think your kids are great and I loved playing with Taylor at the zoo!

  2. Taylor Joy makes me laugh. I can just see you and Taylor in the brown pumpkin situation. Hahaha. :)


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