Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fall Traditions

I was reading this article and looking at the pictures thinking several things:

1. I LOVE fall!
2. Although I love decorating interiors I have never really made an effort to decorate the exterior of our house.
3. How can I do this on a budget?
4. What are our fall "traditions"?

I thought I would ask you these questions, too:

  • How do you decorate for fall? I want to hear about your interior and exterior and what you do to incorporate those rich fall colors and to bring the outside in.

  • How do you decorate for fall using everyday items and what do you use (so I can copy you)?

  • How do you do it cheaply? Where do you shop or do you make homemade items to decorate?

  • What are your fall traditions?

Some things I am going to try this year or have done in the past:

These are Martha Stewart glitter pumpkins. We are making these in my MOPS group this month and I can't wait to set them out on my table. I'm thinking I may put them up on a cake stand along with some candles and leaves.

It's a longstanding tradition to carve a pumpkin in the Duty house. Allen and I started doing it when we were dating and have continued every year since. I think last year we may have done it at like 10 pm the night before Halloween, but nonetheless, it got done. Here's a picture from 2006:

Another tradition I would like to start (after convincing Allen, of course) is going to Dewberry Farms every Fall. I have heard wonderful things about it and activities include: petting zoo, pig races, singing chickens, panning for gold, zip lines, pumpkin stroll, pumpkin blasting (oh my, any boy would love this), corn maze, campfire, hayrides, a toddler playground, a country store, and more! I am convinced we need to make it out there this year.

A tradition that I would like to eventually get someone to join me in is making and enjoying apple cider. I have been trying different recipes every year and I think I have pretty much perfected my recipe. Me and my sis enjoy this tradition together when she's in town. For some reason I feel so bonded when we are sipping cider together!

I think that's the reality of traditions, actually. Even if they seem silly or cheesy, doing them together is what creates the bond. So, come on, spill your beans about how your family bonds during this season of the year!


  1. Such a great post, yes and very true. It is the act of being together during the tradition that makes it so meaningful...not necessarily what the tradition is. It can be something as seemingly insignificant to the rest of the world, but to YOU and your family, it reminds you of all the other special times you've had sharing that tradition. It does indeed create a bond!

    Great post, and thanks for linking!

    Happy fall,

  2. Last year, we started what I hope will be a tradition in our home: I found the cutest template for 'turkey trivia' placecards at Martha Stewart.com. Instead of trivia, I had each family member tell me/ email me a list of one reason they were thankful for each person. I wrote each of these 'thanks' on the tailfeathers of each turkey placecard to place at each seat. During Thanksgiving dinner, we went around and read them out loud! It was so fun! They are adorable too:)

    Below is the link:

    Love the idea of Apple Cider! Is your 'perfected recipe' secret!? :)

  3. In the Fall, we Hendricks love to carve a pumpkin and meet friends at the park in the evenings between dinner time and bedtime.

    We also LOVE caramel apples. Since Honeycrisps are always available in October, they make caramel apples even more heavenly.

    I just buy caramels, melt them in a microwave safe bowl, cut apples into slices and dip. We also take our slices and roll the caramely apples in toffee pieces and pecan pieces. Yum! Jenn does this too.
    I think they have an all day apple adventure.

    We just keep it in the refrigerator and indulge several afternoons of the week!

    About decorating...

    The moment I got a mantle, I wanted to start decorating it seasonally. If you're trying to do this on a budget, then I always suggest that you buy for each season AFTER the season ends. I know...delayed gratification. BUT, at Hobby Lobby, you can buy neat stuff cheaply if you wait until the holiday passes. Then, next year, you have wonderful things to pull out and use.


  4. I've look at this post twice... and cried twice. That sweet girl. I can't believe that was 2 years ago.

    I can't wait to see ya'll tomorrow. I think we need to initiate fall and make some apple cider on Saturday?!? And while we're at it, we should definitely start the tradition of caramel apples.. yum.

  5. Your blog is adorable! I love it. I have no idea how to do that! You are amazing.


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