Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A 10 Monther!

Our Beckett is 10 months old today.

This sweet boy is racing to one very quickly.

He is an active boy who loves to crawl around and explore.

He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.

He is FAST! When I am trying to sweep the floor I have to be quick because he’s right there trying to get into all the “yuckies” that I’m sweeping. Then I will move along and sweep another area and he speeds over to try and beat me to it! It’s actually quite a sight to see!

He is such a little smarty pants! He has signed “more”, “all done” and waved goodbye.

He babbles like a madman…we hear “ba ba ba”, “la la la”, “ga ga”, and “ah” all day long and it is such a sweet sound to my ears.

He bops to the beats. Seriously. He stands at his learning table and bops around when he hears a good tune.

He gives good open mouth kisses to his mommy. He just smiles, leans right over and plants a good one on me. And it melts my heart.

What a sweet blessing you are, Beckett Cole.

(p.s. Look at that mischievous face...he got into the recycling when I wasn't looking...

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