Friday, August 22, 2008

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I'm not so much looking to start a political debate, but as one who wants to be informed politically, there's not much else to research when I know where they stand on this one issue. I'm okay with being a one-issue voter. This one issue is the difference between life and death. Does it make me pay less taxes? No. Does it protect the environment? Probably not so much. But I can trust those other issues to someone who values human life. It's just not worth a larger tax rebate to me...

Tears for Obama

One-Issue Politics


  1. Kendra, I totally agree. All other issues are second tier to the protection of human life.

    The link to the Josh Harris site has a reference to the fact that Obama repeatedly opposed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. In several cases, he was the ONLY one opposing this act go through. The Act was to protect infants that were born alive despite an attempted abortion. So there, we move beyond the issue of protecting the unborn to the issue of protecting a baby, fully born, with a beating heart, completely separated from its mother. He opposed that hospitals be required to provide medical care in the event that an infant be born alive. The Act was introduced after nurses began coming forward and saying that infants born alive were being put in scrub rooms and crying themselves to death. How sick can we get? We are considering this man for President?



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