Monday, August 25, 2008


The long awaited Slopfest Pictures...not really, but hey, very entertaining.

I decided to head out there with the kids this year knowing full well that Taylor Joy would think it was disgusting. I'll bet Beckett will be all up in there next year when he knows what's going on. Taylor Joy kept saying, "that's yucky!" and would back away when anything got slung 10 feet from her.

Boys and girls...a WORLD of difference from what I can tell already.

Jacob being fed a chocolate syrup covered marshmallow...

Jacob after running through the relay (ketchup, mustard, chocolate, eggs, and topped off with flour)...

The hubby after his run through the relay...

Still looking like a hottie, even covered in condiments!

Allen uses the whole thing as an illustration of the Gospel...we're slop-nasty covered with sin and grime before we trust in Jesus and he washes us of our nastiness, seeing us as pure and blameless because of the sacrifice on the cross and enabling us to live in victory because of the Holy Spirit in us and giving us the hope of eternal life.

Loserville? Nope! Living Hopers!

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