Saturday, July 19, 2008

Not Her Best

A post by Carolyn Mahaney of GirlTalk and Sovereign Grace Ministries that I really enjoyed.

Not Her Best

I sometimes find myself wondering what my "thing" will be. How can I distinguish myself? Some women have gourmet cooking, some have elaborate decorating, some have childbirthing strategies, some have crafts or gardening that they are the best at and I find myself at a loss when I think about it.

Apparently I shouldn't be thinking about it. Not only is comparison the thief of joy, we as stay at home mothers are expected to do SO much that we need to be "well-rounded" when it comes to duties around the home. Not that we can't excel at something above the others, but it certainly shouldn't be at the expense of the others.

My main pursuit should be to become more like Christ, not to distinguish myself above others. With little time and much to be done, keeping the house in order, keeping the kids in order and keeping the hubby happy is enough for me to handle. Now the most difficult task will be to do all that while keeping the cross at the center.


  1. Thanks for directing us to the article and for sharing your thoughts. I struggle with the same feelings.

    This was such a refreshing encouragement!

  2. Kendra,
    Thanks for sharing this. As a new Mom, it is so encouraging to hear these words!


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