Thursday, July 03, 2008

He's Back!

I'm just SO thrilled to have my hubby home after 5 days without him!

It's beautiful when we can go to Dallas like we did and spend time with our families (i.e. be distracted that we are missin' the man of the house, have someone else take care of the kids, be cooked for and waited on...).

Ha! Sounds like I got a vacation while he was gone at Youth Camp! Not really, but we were so blessed by our families while we were there and it's just so fun spending time with them. I'm never eager to have Allen away at these sorts of things, but I am always renewed of my appreciation for him while he is away and extremely giddy when he does get home.

Praise the Lord that we not only survived, we THRIVED! That's not always the case.

Taylor Joy kept kissing and hugging him, saying "I love you, Daddy. I missed you." We would start to do something else and she would come up to him and just give him the biggest kiss and hug and say it again. There's just nothing sweeter.

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