Friday, July 11, 2008

Duty Cuteness

I know several of you (Mom, B, other family members) have been anxiously awaiting new pictures of your little Duty sweetums (aka Taylor Joy and Beckett). I apologize for the lack of pictures lately, but get ready to get a fix.

I've felt a little more busy than normal, but in a great way. Taylor and I have been taking advantage of Beckett's naptime by doing a summer reading program with Half Price Books, and we have her little chart on the fridge to track her progress. Each week she completes the chart she gets to go pick out a book to keep! She is very excited about it!

You wouldn't believe the progress she's made with her letters! She can not only identify her letters, she can also tell you the sounds that they make. I have to attribute most of that to the Letter Factory, which she absolutely loves. I totally recommend it! She literally asks to watch it everyday, and Allen and I like to make fun of it, so we watch it too. After watching these videos with Taylor I find myself picking apart everything about them. Do other parents do this too? Like, for instance, let's just pick a show that Allen despises...The Happy Monster Band. A 5 minute show that comes on the Disney channel in between other programming. Listen to their voices when they talk backstage and then compare that with their voices when they are singing...complete opposite. One is high pitched and the other is way deep. This perturbs me. Anyway, off that tangent, yes, we are learning about letters with Taylor and the importance of reading.

I also have 2 notepad pages front and back filled with hilarious things that Taylor has said these past few weeks. I think I'll start this week and post a funny saying every day. So, stay tuned...

Okay, onto the pictures!

Their bottoms are probably the same size or Beckett's may be bigger...

This is very typical... wild Taylor Joy and concerned Beckett

Bathtime bundle...

Hanging with Aunt B. Beckett is already excited about the deep theological books as you can see...

Daddy's got my BACK...thats what his shirt says...

Me and the cutie

This picture makes me laugh...Taylor's always having a hayday and Beckett's always looking at her learily (is that a word? I think not, but I'll still use it because it best conveys what I'm trying to say. Oh, and I'm sure I'll hear about that from my husband, aka Grammar Nazi)

Nanny and naked Beckett

Big boy riding in the wagon


  1. Aunt B9:09 AM

    Beckett's hair looks blonde in that wagon picture!! I didn't even recognize him!

    Thanks for posting.. I miss those kiddos.

  2. Fattest ...

    Baby ...


  3. He is SO not the fattest baby ever, Will. If you think he's the fattest baby, you ain't seen nothing yet. There are babies at our church younger than Beckett who could EAT Beckett. He's like an appetizer for them.

    Aidan better watch out though. Beckett is quickly on his way to crawling, but will for sure be rolling all over Aidan.


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