Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Half Birthday for Beckett

Beckett is now 6 months old! I can't believe that he's halfway to a year. That is just unreal to me.

He's such a sweet baby. He LOVES to be held and to cuddle. I can already tell that touch is his love language. I am so thankful for that. Taylor Joy never wanted to cuddle or be held and she still doesn't, but just says that she wants to be held and then starts wiggling out of your arms after about 2.5 seconds. With Beckett there is a world of difference. He will fall asleep in your arms, he loves to be touched and just breaks out in that big grin when he knows he's being loved on. It's precious.

Some things he's loving this month:

-Getting around! He will literally roll around the living room to get around. Back to stomach to back and all around. He is VERY proud of his new skill! I'm not so thrilled about it...

-Holding his feet and playing with them. They are his favorite toy this month! That makes it pretty easy! Can't drop those!

-Taylor Joy! He giggles at her like none other. It is so precious to see the two of them laughing together. Nothing makes me happier than to see that. What a precious sight!

Here is a picture of Beckett's mohawk...I think he's lost even more hair on the sides since then...

We've also been trying to feed him some solids and he is SO not interested! Any tips to help this process move along? We've tried rice cereal mixed with breastmilk, rice cereal mixed with bananas and rice cereal mixed with apples, also bananas and apples separately. Each time he acts as though I've just fed him poo and tries to figure out a way to get it out of his mouth! He's so funny! He loves to watch us eat and always looks interested until it gets in his mouth. I would love some tips!


  1. Hey Kendra...its Allison(Britt's Allison) ne who, I saw your post about Beckett not eating..Ethan was the same way and I thought he would never eat, but my dr. said to keep trying and I did everyday and he eventually came around. I can't wait to see Taylor this weekend...we will have so much fun. Hope all is well. my blog is nothing special I just post pics of Easy E

  2. Mohawk is my favorite picure.

  3. Hey Kendra - Kennedy didn't want to eat anything but table food. We/she liked the Yo-baby soy baby yogurt, which I can't remember if you can give to them at 6 or 8 months? Kevin says it tastes like breastmilk. Good luck!


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