Thursday, June 26, 2008

Goodbye Heezy's

I can't believe the one and only Ryan and Jenny Couch have officially left College Station! We just wanted to say that we will miss you dearly, friends! We love you and have enjoyed every moment spent with you.

It's so fun to reminisce about college days with Ryan and all the first impressions he had of Allen. He thought Allen and Ryan Shipley were completely nuts for some wrong and some other legitimate reasons... Allen and Shipley were always pulling pranks in the dorm and taking up money/other goods to do crazy and unspeakable things. Hearing Ryan Couch talk about the things they did just cracks me up.

Who would have known that we would have become such good friends with after emailing back and forth with her about our Germany mission trip only to have her MARRY Ryan Couch?

You know, we had conversations such like, " Why is this girl wanting to go on our mission trip at the very last minute and how come she never comes to the meetings? She seems a little shady." And then we put you in our group!

This makes me laugh because although Jenny and Ryan will forever be the couple who is SO HARD to get a hold of, shady is certainly not the word that describes you. We found that out the first time we met you and definitely when we were in Germany together. We are so blessed to have met you and to have been there when you met your future husband on the mission trip! So FUN!

I love it that the boys in that dorm room became the best of friends and lived with each other through the rest of college.

I love it that Ryan Couch got the nickname Heezy and now I can call he and Jenny "The Heezy's".

I love it that Jenny will forever be to us.

I love it that sometime in the (near-ish) future there will probably be a little bundle that we can call Baby Heezy and to correspond to that, Daddy and Mommy Heezy. I just wish I could be there to witness that!

I love it that ya'll are so committed to prayer for us and our church.

I love it that the Lord created and has grown a friendship between us in such a special way and developed it in His timing.

I hate it that you're gone, but love that the Lord is leading your way.

We are praying for you, Heezy's!

(pray that we'll find someone to play Settlers of Catan with now!)

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  1. Couches - You're moving closer to North Carolina! Good job. A few more eastward moves and we'll be neighbors.
    Listen - July 23 - 29th. Charlotte. Settlers of Catan. The Dutys are in already. Be here or be square. Love you guys!
    Dutys, hurry hurry and get here. :)


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