Thursday, April 24, 2008

Taylor Joy is now 23 months old...I can't believe she will be 2 soon!

She is such a blessing to us. She always wants to be with us (saying, "Hold you!") and holding our hands. Almost every time she asks me to hold her, I drop what I am doing because I know that a few years from now she won't be asking me to hold her and I want to take advantage of this time with her. I want to treasure everyday.

Some of the precious and hilarious conversations we've had this month are:

Me: Taylor, what color is this leaf?
Taylor: LELLO!
Me: No, the leaf is green.
Taylor: I know.

Taylor (at bathtime) and she toots.
Allen: Oh, Taylor! What do you say when you toot?
Taylor: More! More tooting!
Me: (laughing from Beckett's room)

Anytime we are eating and Allen or I have finished our plate, Taylor says, "Nudder one, nudder one!" or she says, "Big one!", wanting us to eat a big something or another. So much for moderation when Taylor is around!

Taylor has really picked up pronouns this month, saying things like, "I doing it!", "I eating it!". It's really very precious that everything she says is said with so much enthusiasm.

Another things she does is share her most treasured items. For instance, her nanny gave her a bunch of candy eggs for Easter and she has been able to have one egg after she eats a good dinner. Well, every time I have given her a candy egg she has generously shared half of her candy with me, even though candy is her most favorite thing! Seeing her share with such a cheerful heart reminds me and teaches me that the Lord loves a cheerful giver and is so willing to bless us when we give back to Him, just as I wanted to give Taylor more candy after she had given so much to me! Thank you, Taylor, for teaching me such a valuable lesson!

The last story (I promise!). Yesterday she got scared about something and she wanted me to hold her. She said, "Scared, mommy." I told her she didn't need to be scared and was about to ask her why and she said, "Have Jesus!" I was so proud of her to have such confidence in Jesus that she knew He is the one who wipes away our tears and is always by our side.

Now...for your viewing pleasure:


  1. I LOVE the photos!!! The one with Taylor wearing her little Crocs! SO CUTE! I also liked reading the stories. LOL

  2. kendra, michelle and i voted, and your family is by far the coolest ever. thanks for letting me be a part of your life...come see me in maui!

    p.s. i'm still working on that vocal recording of "Father Abraham" for Beckett...coming soon, i promise!



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