Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Day on the Farm

We went out to Yonder Way Farm last week and had so much fun! Taylor Joy wore herself out playing with the other kids and all the farm animals. She LOVES animals but she's also very cautious, so it took some major hand holding and showing to get her to touch those ginormous piggies and those sweet little baby goats. They were precious!

Here is KK and Lyndon in the Barbie car:

Here is Taylor, not so sure...

Here's me "showing" her it's fun...

Those cuties...

Proof that 3 month old Shane is a good bit longer and bigger than my 4 month old Beckett!

They just sat there so sweetly...I think they will be good pals.

Thanks for having us, Lynsey! I should have taken pictures of your house! It's SO cute! Maybe next time...


  1. Come anytime! We love having you guys.


  2. Hi Kendra,
    My name is Stephanie Cease. I think we have a couple of connections. I think my husband knows your husband from seminary. And I've gotten to know Lynsey (mostly from the blog :). Anyways, just wanted to stop by and say hi. I also saw that you posted about Treasuring God in our Traditions...in the middle of reading that...Love it! And, that you recommended Sacred Parenting...that's my next one. Glad to see that you recommended it.
    Well nice to finally connect with you. Hopefully we'll cross paths in real life soon. :)

  3. Stephanie-

    Hi! It's funny I had somehow found your blog the other day (I think through Lynsey's) and was going to comment on it as well. Allen and I look at Casey's blog often. I know Allen thinks the world of your husband and I would love to meet your whole family sometime. It seems we have little girls around the same age too!

    Until then I will be checking your blog and hopefully participating in your Sacred Parenting discussion. Such a wonderful book!



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