Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Photoshop Fabulous

So, lately I've been loving Photoshop and all these beautiful digital scrapbooking resources that I have stumbled upon. Maybe one day I'll actually make my very own digital scrapbook, but until then I've had fun making invitations, thank you cards, holiday cards and the calendars I gave to our families this year. They are so fun!

Since I'm a newbie to both Photoshop and digital scrapbooking, I have to know from the experts, are there any sites I should check out and any tips you can give me?

Here are the sites I've been using:

Two Peas in a Bucket
Shabby Princess
Kay Miller Designs

I have to say, between just printing these off my computer after designing them and my Cricut machine (thanks Ashley!), I don't think I'll ever buy a $4 greeting card again! That's got to be a savings of at LEAST $100 a year! AND they are personalized, making them much more special!

Saving money is FUN!


  1. ok...teach me...did you put the ribbon on beckets birthday invite? ethan LOVES trains so I was thinking of doing a train theme this year for his 2nd birthday....what site did u use

  2. Alison,

    I made the whole thing in Photoshop, so...the ribbon is like an image that I inserted into the page. I did the entire thing from a blank page, so I didn't use a site to help. I'm pretty sure I got the backgrounds and ribbons from and then used that as a starting point. If you want me to make one for Ethan I can, since it's practically already made. Just let me know!


    She also has a blog with freebies every so often. You can also use a program called Gimp it is like a free photoshop. I use it all the time to make headers for blogs.

  4. also try scrapblog.
    they have blank pages to decorat your blog just like you would a digital card but now they have a function where you can print too!
    This Allison's sister BTW. Love your blog, kids and creativity!


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