Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Valentine Cutie

Our little Valentine LOVES the camera, that's for sure!

I set her on the window seat and she just started posing like she knew just what to do! What a little cutie! I love the one with her head down like she's so demure and shy...mmm hmmm...she can't fool anyone with that!

Oh, I sure do love this little girl!


  1. What a BIG girl! I cant believe how fast she is growing!!! What a cutie...

  2. Brittney4:09 PM

    I've seriously wasted 30 work minutes because I can't stop looking at these pictures! What a sweet and beautiful girl. It's unfortunate that she doesn't like the camera:)

  3. I noticed the new pics on your avatar and meant to tell how precious they are! What a cutie you have!

  4. It was great to see you and the kiddos the other day. Taylor Joy is getting so big and Beckett is just precious!!!! I love these Valentine pics, BTW!


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