Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Fun Week to Come!

The Bri-den-stines are com-ming to town!!! (imagine that I'm singing that to the tune of a famous Christmas song)

The excitement is mounting. The guest bedroom (er...Beckett's room) is ready to go. The schedule is all planned out in an Excel spreadsheet (Allen). And the fridge is full.

Yes, that means the Bridenstine's will be here very soon!

We've been counting down the days and now we are down to four. Yippee!

We can't wait for your arrival, Will and Janette!

There will be lots of fun to be had, fellowship unlike any since last Christmas, much card playing (fatties get ready!), and many more memories to made, I'm sure.

We LOVE you!



    We are so excited. And we feel so popular/loved to have a featured post on the COOLEST blog around.

  2. WILL!!

    Not only will you get to see Voddie but Will is coming to your house, how cool is that?!

    Tell Will I said howdy and one more thing...

    Surely that was Allen mocking me on my blog, right?

  3. Yes! This weekend will be most blessed!


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