Monday, October 08, 2007

Duty Funnies

I didn't really think much of it until I started describing it to someone at church last night. And I laughed out loud picturing it in my head just now.

This past week has been poop-filled. Yes, Taylor Joy has had a bad case of the runs. Poor thing.

One morning in particular I hadn't heard her at all and then finally decided to go get her. She was laying there, happy as can be in a pool of poop. She just looked up and smiled at me. I almost fainted from the stench.

I told Taylor to stay right there and then literally RAN to get Allen. He was, of course, covered in shaving cream. It seems he's always covered in shaving cream when something frantic happens.

He came to the rescue while I got the shower going, etc. Praise Jesus for husbands who take care of that kind of thing. I literally was about to pass out. I couldn't take it.

Our friends from Dallas came in town and pulled into our driveway just in time to see the whole spectacle.

Allen opening the garage door, carrying all the poop filled sheets, blankets, nighties, with his face covered in shave cream, one mission in mind:

Spray the poo soiled items down with the hose while breathing in as little as possible, with no regard for anything or anyone around him.

There were neighbors outside, probably kids playing, cars driving by...that didn't distract Allen from his task.

It just makes me realize how funny life is with a baby. Things change drastically. Life is no longer life as you knew it. It funnier, messier, sweeter, harder, crazier, more hectic and frustrating, more precious and beautiful and certainly more worthwhile.

I hope this doesn't deter any young couples from starting a family. I really can't describe to you the blessing that this child is in our life. She's the sweetest thing. Just hearing her say, "wub u mommy" makes everything else fade away and my heart melts in a way it never could before children. I love those moments. And they happen much more often than the blowouts.

Taylor Joy is much better and has had the best time with her friend "Ry-ree" (Ryleigh) here this weekend. I'll have to post some pictures of them later...


  1. Children sure are an incredible blessing! Stories like this make me smile.

    While I was reading your story I thought, this sure does sound familiar! A friend of mine had this happen to her while she was watching someone else's child for the night last week! She woke up and found the boy just sitting in it on the bed, calm as could be.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. way to go Allen....

    can I put you on speed dial?

  3. Oh, the poop filled bed. How fun!!! I am glad Allen was home, because I can't handle that stuff either! A hose can solve alot of problems!

  4. Kendra, I made your Ritz chicken and it was super yummy. Thanks for the great recipes! See you in only 2 weeks + 1 day!


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