Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Baby Beckett...or will it be Baby Becca???

Well, come December we may be fully surprised at what pops out of me! I'm totally fine with that.

Today at the doctor visit we did an ultrasound and that baby gave us no clear indication that he was a boy and he (or she I suppose) was completely uncooperative. This would be all fine and good if he had given us absolute proof at any of the other ultrasounds, but that's just not the case. We had thought we saw boy "parts" twice and then they disappeared suddenly and we were never able to even get a picture. At the beginning of this pregnancy I said I would like to know the gender "if the baby cooperates." I guess he or she wants to be a surprise!

My gut instinct still says boy, but I can't say I would be all that surprised if a sweet little girl popped out!

We have yet to think of any girl names we both like so that would definitely be a challenge. I have stenciled "Beckett" in block letters on his wall, so we were kidding saying we could just paint over half of it and name her Becca, if it's a girl.

I'll be going back in 2 weeks because the doctor was a little concerned about low fluid levels and says I need to rest more. That is SO easy for someone else to say! Please come hang out with my one year old for a day and see that it's near impossible! But I am definitely going to try...

Can you believe this kiddo is 3 1/2 to 4 lbs! Crazy! Since there weren't any good sonogram pics I was forced to find this picture of a 31 week old fetus. His head is also down which is a good sign. The doctor says he couldn't probably flip that much before birth to be breech. That makes me happy.

Well, that's all I know. I will update more as I find out myself!


  1. Brittney3:34 PM

    Ask and you shall receive.. I'm going to come pamper you and help you take care of that precious little girl so you can rest this weekend!

    Oh.. and tell Taylor Joy I said Happy 17 months:)

  2. Thank goodness for a comment! I seriously was getting discouraged that NO ONE had responded. I'd like to think that I'm not typing to a brick wall. I know for sure that MANY people visit this blog everyday, yet where's the love, people? If you enjoy reading, please let me know! Don't be silent anymore! Come out with yourself!

    I don't even care if your comment is dumb or doesn't make sense, just let me know you exist! Wish me a happy birthday (tomorrow!)! Something! I need some blog encouragement!

  3. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Happy Birthday Kendra!

  4. Happy Birthday Kendra

    I do enjoy your blog...I will hide no more!!


  5. Brittney8:53 AM

    Happy Birthday, sis! I'll see you soon. The celebration will begin in exactly 6 hours!

  6. hhhhapppy birthday!!! I love you!!!

  7. happy belated birthday and i do read your blog and i like your family a lot:)

  8. Kendra (aka per Will "Queen Kendor") - We've been anxiously checking your blog all week to see a post about the overflowing Duty excitment at our upcoming Texas visit. But, sadly, no post yet. :(

  9. Okay, Bridenstines, I think I can pull something together. Stay posted.


I heart comments!

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