Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our Little Flower Girl

Taylor Joy is set to be a flower girl in Ryan and Cate's wedding! We are so excited that our good friends are getting married and our little girl gets to be a part of it. Well, all of us really. Allen is the best man and I'll be helping Cate in the House Party.

As soon as we found out about Taylor being in the wedding I went shopping for little flower girl dresses and quickly found that there was none less than $100. There was NO WAY I was going to spend that much money on a tiny little fits-around-my-arm dress. There's just no way.

Anyhow, Cate and my wonderful husband convinced me that I could use my sewing abilities to sew Taylor a dress. I was leery at first. And all along the way, really. But, turns out that I may have a knack for this. Check out the dress I made! I really am very impressed with myself! ;) I think the total amount I spent was probably around $20. I spent more than that on her shoes!

I am really unsure of how Taylor will do at the actual ceremony. I will be praying that she just walks down the aisle normally and doesn't do anything embarrassing, but nonetheless, I know she will look adorable!


  1. How cute! Great job on the mad sewing skills. I need some lessons!

    I can't wait to take some pictures of your precious one in her adorable dress.

    She will do great.

    I photographed a wedding last summer that the ring bearer who was 2 ran off the stage right before 'You may kiss the bride' screaming 'I have to tee tee' a million times and HOLDING himself. It was the highlight of the ceremony:).

  2. Anonymous9:48 PM

    I feel completely confident saying that my flower girl is going to be the MOST precious thing EVER!... Everyone is going to be jealous:)

    Kendra, you are incredible talented!

    ooooh i cannot wait!
    love you all,

  3. Kendra!
    The dress looks so wonderful! You're so talented, in everything! I hope ya'll have a wonderful time on your vacation. I enjoyed hanging out Thursday night...thanks so much for you help! You're amazing! See you in a couple of weeks! Love you guys!


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